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Lincoln MKS

The Lincoln MKS was manufactured between 2008 and 2016 and was the second Lincoln with the “MK” mark. It is a mid-sized luxury sedan that offers both drive and passengers a number of comfort features and the latest technology in safety and entertainment. When it is time to replace old parts, only OEM Lincoln parts will be exact fit replacement parts that will never need to be modified in order to get them to fit.

  •  Air Filter – When your engine needs fresh air, the air filter removes the debris like dirt and tire rubber from the air, so your engine receives pure air for peak performance. If you live on a dirt road or do a lot of highway driving, you may need to replace the air filter more often. We carry air filters, fuel filters and oil filters.
  •  Windshield Wipers – The windshield wipers help you see when it is raining, and should the wiper blades wear out, you might get dirt smeared all over the windshield. We have blades, pumps and wiper arms.
  •  Radiator – A bad radiator will cause your engine to overheat and that can destroy your engine. We have radiators and other cooling system parts.

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