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Everything You Need to Know About Replacing Your Ford F-150 Side Mirror

Many F-150 owners consider us the go-to source for genuine OEM Ford parts, including replacement side mirrors. We’re often asked questions about replacing a side mirror on an F-150, so we’ve decided to round up the most common questions and answer them here.

1. How Do I Replace a Side Mirror on My F-150?

Replacing your side mirror is an easy job anyone could do with basic tools. It also takes only 10 minutes to do. Basically, the process consists of unbolting your old mirror and then bolting in the new mirror. That’s all. A full set of instructions is outlined in this tutorial: How to Replace an F-150 Side Mirror in 10 Minutes

2. Can I Replace My F-150 Side Mirror With a Car Side Mirror?

Side mirrors

The short answer is: no, you can’t replace your F-150 side mirror with a car side mirror. F-150 side mirrors are not interchangeable with side mirrors built for other Ford models. It’s simply because the mirror won’t fit your truck.

This article explains in more detail why you can’t install a car side mirror on your F-150: The Difference Between Car and Truck Side Mirrors

3. Are OEM F-150 Side Mirrors Better Than Aftermarket?

We may come off as biased because we sell OEM parts. But the truth is OEM side mirrors are actually much better than aftermarket side mirrors for several good reasons:

  • OEM side mirrors look better because they match your truck
  • OEM side mirrors are easier to install
  • OEM side mirrors cost less (in the long run)

You can read a more thorough comparison between the two types of side mirrors here: Ford F-150 Side Mirrors: OEM Vs. Aftermarket

Finding the Right OEM Side Mirror For Your F-150

It’s important to install an OEM side mirror that’s designed to fit your F-150 model. The good news is that it’s quite easy to find the correct part number. All you have to do is to look up your F-150 model here. There may be more than one type of side mirror available, as there are various features to choose from (like turn signal lights and heated mirrors). You can either find the side mirror that matches your remaining mirror or upgrade both mirrors to contain more features.

The following three F-150 side mirrors are our best sellers:

Feel free to contact us with any questions about finding the right OEM side mirror for your F-150.