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A Guide to Your Ford F-150 Axle

The Ford F-150 holds the distinction of being the most popular vehicle of all time. The vehicle was introduced in 1948, and has topped the list for being the best-selling pickup truck for the past 40 years. It also holds the distinction of being the first vehicle to rely on aluminum construction. It is indeed a robust vehicle, and its popularity shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

The truck is known for being rugged. Ford designed this vehicle to be rugged. Ford F-150s have crossed the country pulling heavy loads through mountain passes, snow, deserts, rain, and winds in temperatures that range from 20 degrees below to 120 degrees above. Still the Ford F-150 carries on. The entire truck is rugged, but attention must be placed on its durable axle.

Ford Parts on Sale, located at 2400 West Henrietta Road, Rochester, New York is the venue where every Ford part imaginable is made available. Whether the F-150 is a 2017 model or older, consumers have the same assurance their parts needs will be met. In simple terms, an axle is a central shaft for rotating gears or wheels. For vehicles, the axle can be either fixed to the vehicle allowing the wheels to rotate around the axle, or fixed to the wheels and rotate with them.

Ford F-150 Axle Parts and Accessories

Axles and components, depending on the model and engine, may include front axle shaft assembly, high-performance outboard oil seal, high-performance inboard oil seal, axle boot clamp, drive flange, rear drive flange, drive flange cover, and axle housing end. Universal joint components may include joint retainer assortments and u-joint snap ring. CV boot clamps and hardware, axle housing, axle hub bearings, axle shaft, axle support bushing, CV joint, differential/axle plenum, and a solid axle are just some of the many axle parts and accessories we carry or can ship. Whatever the axle part or accessory need, we encourage customers to call or visit to learn more.

Signs of a Bad Axle

1. The most common sound indicating an axle has seen better days or needs repair is a loud clicking noise when turning. This may be due to a bad CV axle shaft assembly. The noise is caused by loose joints that click against each other. They usually become louder during sharper and faster turns.

2. Grease on the edge of a tire can be another tell-tale sign of axle problems. The grease can usually be found on the inside edge of a tire. An inspection can also discover it along the vehicle’s underside. Torn boots can leak grease. As the axle turns, it flings grease around. Leaky boots usually mean there is a CV joint about to fail. The tear in a boot allows dirt and other objects to get inside where they will eventually damage the joint.

3. Excessive vibration from the CV axle can also be a sign of impending trouble. If you suspect that your axle needs repair or fixing, it is highly recommended to take it to a qualified mechanic. While backyard mechanics can do a good job on certain repairs, the axle and its components are complex.

What Warranties Cover

Check to see if your vehicle’s powertrain warranty is still active. New Ford F-150 vehicles come with a factory warranty of five-year/60,000-miles for the powertrain. This will provide coverage for the transmission, engine, and more. Also check to make sure there are no deductibles for repair. Roadside assistance that includes towing and other services is also desirable. Also check to make sure there are no deductibles for repair. Roadside assistance that includes towing and other services is also desirable. Your Ford dealer can provide more information.

About Rochester New York

Rochester has four seasons. They include rain, snow, sleet, winds, hail, and sunshine. Summer temperatures usually peak at 81 degrees, while winter lows can drop to minus eight degrees. Winters and snow conditions usually mean that salt is spread over roads. Salt can eventually cause parts of the vehicle to rust prematurely.

Notable Rochester landmarks include the Dryden Theatre, Eastman Theatre, Blue Cross Arena, Frontier Field, Point de Rennes Bridge, Memorial Art Gallery and Artisanworks. Children love the Strong National Museum of Play. For adults, Finger Lakes Wine Country offers wine tasting and historical tours.

Rochester has numerous fine dining venues and popular eateries. City Grill East Avenue, Golden Fox, Rooney’s, Tournedos Steakhouse, and Avvino to name several. Rochester is home territory to the Sabres and Buffalo Bills. The baseball Red Wings also call Rochester home. There are numerous courses for those who love to play golf. The area includes some of America’s top 100 courses, and the area breeds a high level of competition for the game.

Why People Love to Drive Ford F-150s

Each year, Ford makes improvements on its mighty F-150 series. Owners, depending on the engine, love its fuel efficiency and towing capabilities. 365 hp is nothing to scoff at. It is built for those who love the rugged outdoors and nature. It is also a rugged vehicle to own for those who work in the construction trades. It can easily haul a lot of weight.

There is also the feeling of personal satisfaction in ownership. Even though the vehicle is one of America’s best-selling vehicles, it is not for everyone. People know that F-150 drivers are a special group. They like getting things done and moving mountains if they need to.

It is also a stylish looking vehicle with a striking interior as well. A good maintenance schedule can be the difference between a vehicle that lasts 70,000 miles or 300,000 miles. Maintenance and upkeep is the one thing that can keep your vehicle looking fresh and clean for years to come.

Like we said, if your vehicle needs repair, especially the axle, take it to the dealership or a qualified repair facility. They can check everything including your axle. Many auto repair facilities are also qualified to work on Ford vehicles. You can also count on us to ship the parts you need to your front door.