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What's A Better Investment: A Classic Bronco Or The S&P 500?

Hey, Ford Bronco fans. What would you rather invest your money in? A classic Bronco or the stock market?

If you're like us, you'd opt for the Bronco, especially with all the hubbub over how classic Broncos are selling for mega bucks at the auctions (like the one that sold for $110,000 at the Mecum Auction awhile back).

This new graphic our team put together is based on recent Barrett-Jackson auction results and shows that classic Ford Broncos did, in fact, sell for a lot of money but not enough money to top the return you'd get if you invested in the stock market instead. 

Even though the S&P would earn you more money, we'd still opt for a Bronco. The classics may not get the best return right now, but maybe investing in the 2020 Bronco will pay off in a couple decades.

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